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Getting your annual accounts up to trial balance up to date and balanced



Investigate your internal controls & make recommendations for improvements.



Monthly bank statement processing and reconciliation and Payroll processing.



Basic annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS.



Set up your accounts on Sage One and act as your Accountant



Monthly EMP201 completion on E-filing, UIF on U-filing Bi-Annual EMP501 etc.

Welcome to savvy chartered accountants

There is a serious accounting and compliance skills shortage in South Africa. The small to medium business owner finds that compliance with taxation, UIF and Companies legislation is a cumbersome task because of its specialised nature.

Chartered Accountants undergo a rigorous training process lasting 7 years on average. We are trained to understand a transaction from its inception to its final place of rest on your annual financial statements. Without this training it is impossible to register with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Savvy Chartered Accountants aim to keep your business’ accounting and compliance costs as low as possible by doing it right from the start. Therefore eliminating the end of year correcting costs. We can do this in one of two ways by either capturing and processing your accounts on a monthly basis or by providing training to your bookkeeping staff.

Make a good impression on your bank manager and other stakeholders. Let us compile your annual financial statements in a way that talks to you.


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